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Uganda has got a long history with its culture. There are numerous tribes in Uganda with different languages. These tribes are divided into Kingdoms and chiefdoms. The four major traditional kingdoms being Buganda in the Central region, Toro and Bunyoro in the Western region and Busoga in the Eastern region and each of these kingdoms has rich history that contributes to the development of cultural tourism in Uganda. According to oral tradition, these centuries-old kingdoms are offshoots of the mediaeval kingdoms of Batembuzi and Bacwezi. Three former kings of Buganda are buried in an impressive traditional thatched building at the Kasubi Tombs in Kampala. Some of the other cultures in Uganda are: Karimojong, Maasai, Bakonjo and the Bagisu, Iteso, Acholi, Langi, Lugbar. McBern Tours and Travel offers safaris to these places to show you the beauty of culture and people in Uganda. These tours give our guests exposure of interacting with the local people from these different tribes; learn what they do, how they lead their lives with activities like picking coffee, digging with hoes, learning how to cook their traditional dishes and also making handcrafts

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