Michael Kajubi - Managing Director

Michael Kajubi is the founder of McBern Tours and Travel Limited. Michael has a strong professional background in Philosophy and Human Resource Management. Michael has a knack for sales and marketing and this has seen him doing Sales and marketing for various companies before founding and starting McBern Tours and Travel.

“I found myself in tourism because of the love, admiration of nature and a great passion to conserve it (nature) while helping the society and other people to learn the beauty and good that nature brings to humanity. I started McBern Tours in light of nature conservation but also helping the elderly. www.mcberntours.com/elderlycare. I manage the daily running of the McBern Tours and Travel. I strive to establish a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship with all our clients keeping a close contact at all phases of the co-operation of the visit. I am honoured to be working with a team that is dedicated to ‘Giving a Legendary Experience’ to our dear clients.”

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