McBern Tours and Travel is a company that was founded and started by a team of youth who are so passionate about helping the elderly and the sick at St. Paul’s Catholic Church Mukono. We used to visit the elderly in this Parish during our free time and help them with their basic needs from our salaries and pocket money for those who are still in school. Because of the growing numbers and needs of the elderly that we were looking for, we needed more finances to do this work but we could not go begging from people because many did not see helping the elderly as important as we saw it.  For the love of nature and all that it has to offer, we decided to start McBern Tours and Travel to help us acquire more funds towards our cause as we serve the tourists than begging for funds from elsewhere. Whoever uses the company pays for the services and the profits help us in our work of caring for the elderly and the sick.


McBern Tours and Travel is a tour and travel company based in Uganda which was founded with the intention of helping the elderly through providing the best of quality of tour and travel services to tourists coming to Uganda and East Africa at large.  We provide services for new and returning tourists with an interest in East Africa’s beauty of nature and culture. McBern Tours and Travel’s top priority is to provide first class customer service to our clients for them to enjoy an everlasting experience of their tour and value for money.  Guiding the services is active at all stages of the tourism value chain. We establish a long-term and mutually beneficial business relationship with our clients to keep close contact at all phases of our co-operation, to take special care of each and every guest, to be available at any time and to be your confidential and trusted partner in Uganda. McBern Tours and Travel is here to help you make your dream of exploring Uganda the Pearl of Africa and beyond come true with the best services.


We focus to improve the quality of life of destitute elders primarily in the rural areas by providing basic needs and medicine. We also focus on the long term sustainability options for these elders.


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