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Day 1: Arrival You will be received by a McBern Tour and Travel representative who will transfer you to a hotel in Entebbe. Depending on the arrival time, you can spend the afternoon at UWEC. Here are lots of animals and over 170 species of birds. Day 2: Heritage Trails We will head to the Heritage Trails after breakfast. This is about 10Km from Entebbe. You will enjoy ample time of birding on the best trails around Kampala with over 170 species of birds. You will look out for Moustached Warbler, White headed Barbets, Blue Monarch, Fain tailed widow bird, Brown Twin Spots, Striped Kingfisher, Black Bishop, Klass, Diederik's cuckoo and many others. You will have luch at the park , relax and later return to the hotel. Overnight at The Boma/ equivalent Day 3: Transfer to Mabamba Swamp After breakfast, we will head to Mabamba Swamp, 50km west of Kampala. Mabamba swamp is an arm of Lake Victoria connecting the main fishing village of Busi Island. Most of the visitors to the Mabamba papyrus swamp will board the wooden boats in search of mainly the Shoebill Stork which usually hides in the water weed to feed on the fish from the moving water in the swamp. The Shoebill stays in the papyrus but will also rarely stay on land overlooking water. Some other birds of interest in the swamp are the African and lesser Jacannas, Pied Kingfishers, the African Pygmie goose and the blue breast. In the afternoon, you will be transferred to a hotel in Kampala. (Emin Pasha Hotel/ Mamba point/equivalent) Day 4: Transfer from Kampala to Lake Mburo National Park We will depart from Kampala and transfer to Lake Mburo National Park which is in the Southwest part of Uganda. Lake Mburo National Park is well known for birders and this is the only park in Uganda where you will find the Zebra. You will also see impalas, buffaloes then look also for birds; the Emerald spotted Wood Dove, Bare faced Go- Away bird, Common Scimitarbill, Spot-Flanked Barbet, Crested Francolin, Brown Parrot, Trilling Cisticola, Greater Blue Eared Starling, African Grey Hornbill and others. In the evening as we have a game drive, we shall see species Black Collared Barbet, Red Headed lovebird, Lead colored Flycatcher. Dinner and overnight at Mihingo Lodge Day 5: Lake Mburo National Park Lake Mburo is a nice park where you can have an experience of a tour on foot. The safari will start early as we will have a nature walk guided by a ranger. You will then see several species of wetland and savanna birds and other wildlife. You will go for a boat ride after breakfast enjoying the rich birdlife and the hippos that are cooling off. Then in the afternoon, you will have a game drive along the Zebra track and may see bird species like African Wattled plover, Rufous Coqui Francolin, Black Bellied Bustard, Rufous Chested Swallow, Flappet Lark and others. You can also look out for nocturnal species. Dinner and overnight at Mihingo Lodge Day 6: Transfer from Lake Mburo National Park to Jinja As we leave the Park, we will have an early game drive along the lake side giving us chance to see water birds like Great Swamp Warbler, White Winged Warbler, Papyrus Ganolek. We will then head back to Kampala with lunch en route, stop at the equator and have chance to stand in both hemispheres, take pictures and do some souvenir shopping. We will then head to Jinja, take a 10 mins speed boat to Samuka Island lodge where we will spend a night and have a camp fire/ dinner and overnight at 2 Friends Guest house Day 7: Source of the Nile Jinja and Mabira Forest After breakfast, we will take the boat and see famous source of the River Nile and also see many water bird like the Open billed Stork, Long tailed Cormorant, Grey Heron, White Egret , Pied Kingfisher and African Fish Eagle. We will leave Jinja and then head to Mabira Forest where will stop for a walk through the tropical rainforest. We Species such as the Toro Greenbul, Yellow whiskered Greenbul, Leaf love, Forest Robin, Buf spotted Woodpecker, Grey spotted Woodpecker, White spotted Fluff tail, Red headed Blue Bill, Yellow spotted Barbet, Grey throated Barbet, Yellow rumped Tinker bird, Yellow throated Tinker bird, Blue breasted Kingfisher, African Pygmy, Shining Blue, Woodland Kingfishers, Red tailed Ant Thrush, Chin spot Batis, Banded Wattle Eye, Chestnut Wattle Eye, Brown capped, Yellow mantled, Black Billed, Weyn's Weavers, Red headed Malimbe, Purple headed Starling, Violet backed Starling and many more fascinating species that are living in this forest. Lunch will be at Rainforest Lodge in the forest. In the evening, we shall head back to a hotel in Kampala for overnight at Mamba Point/ Emin Pasha Hotel/ equivalent Day 8: Transfer from Kampala to Entebbe After breakfast, we will have time to do sightseeing of the Kampala city and do shopping before you are transferred to Entebbe for your International flight.

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